QB86.co.uk is run by myself, Jason Prosser, a 28 aspiring game designer. This website is to encompass anything and everything that I find of use to myself or think would be of use to people visiting so expect a variety of information to be added from time to time.

I’m a game enthusiast and aspiring game designer, juggling my designing ambition in between work, my social life, partner, gaming and loveable and very sloppy Shih Tzu, Apollo.

Jason, along with fellow T2G student Craig set up the C:\EndofLine_[1] website to document the ins and outs of the games they are designing.

While Craig is working on a design document for a XBLA arcade game titled Bloodlines and his first mobile based platformer Dungeon Runner; Jason is working on his first tabletop game, Haunted; a game set in the 1970s where players play paranormal investigators trying to capture evidence of the supernatural.

Some of my favourite games:
Adventure: The Dig, Monkey Island I & II, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle.
Action: God of War Series, Ninja Gaiden II, Monster Hunter Series.
Roleplay: Dark Souls, Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol, Diablo 3.
RTS: Starcraft 2, Hegemony.
Narrative: Legacy of Kain Tales, Any Zelda Story.

TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica, Californication, Suits, Strike Back.
Movies: Evil Dead Trilogy.
Novels: The Bourne Trilogy, Mr B Gone.
Graphic Novels/Comics: Cancertown, Hellblazer, Rogue Trooper, Bear, Neozoric.


[1] End Of Line Studios website is currently going under it’s own revamp.